Sorry Hershey, I met someone else… Lily


This lovely stash of chocolate would probably last me about 3 days. 4 days if I was really busy.

Sugar is the death of me. I LOVE sugar. More specifically chocolate and I don’t discriminate… well maybe a little. I’m not crazy about white chocolate (I’ll still eat it though if it’s placed in front of me) but I love milk chocolate and dark chocolate. My favorite is any chocolate with mint in it! (Just writing this I am starting to get cravings!) #thestruggleisreal #reallyreal. LONG story short (maybe I’ll go more into detail down the road) I’ve been having a lot of skin issues, among other issues, but my skin issue was what pulled the trigger for me to be like, “Alright… I need to figure this out because something is obviously going on here.” After having gone to the dermatologist, primary doctor, allergist (all very frustrating) I finally went to my chiropractor (I should have just done this in the first place) and now started seeing an acupuncturist who both told me I have Candida. I literally then spent two and a half hours at Barnes and Nobles going through all the books looking up  “Candida.” Candida is basically a fungal infection. If you want to learn more about it click here as it presents differently in everyone. Here comes the sad part…one of the main ways to get rid of it is to cut out certain foods from your diet. One of the main items is sugar because it feeds off of that 😦 . So I am going to try and do my best! This is coming from someone who will go through a mint hershey kiss bag in 1 day, no joke. I’ve incorporated other things to help as well, but if I can’t get my sugar intake under control it is just going to keep coming back. I guess I always knew this was going to happen at some point! So for right now, I am trying to find a better alternative that I can go to when those cravings kick in. I swear half of it is a craving and half of it is habit). So goodbye Hershey and hello Lily.

If anyone else has any suggestion, tips or tricks please share!

It can be so hard because one program to help get rid of Candida will say it’s okay to have Apple Cider Vinegar and then the next one says it’s not okay! So like I said, I’m just going to start making some changes and see how things progress.

Lily's Chocolate



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