Once You Go Coffee, It’s Hard To Go No Coffee

Coffee and health. Is coffee healthy for you? That is the multi million dollar question that people will go to battle for. There are studies out there that say coffee is healthy for you and provides antioxidants among other health benefits, and then there are some out there that say it is not and it’s taxing on your adrenals etc…  So here is my take on it. Choose your battles. If you enjoy it, then go for it. I linked just one of many website out there for either side of the debate. Feel free to do your own research!

For me personally, I enjoy it every now and then, but it’s more of a “because everyone else is doing it, i’ll do it kind of thing.” For me personally, I have never really been a coffee drinker. Growing up I didn’t even like the smell of coffee. My parents always said, “Just wait until college, you’ll start drinking it then.” But I never did. You would think I would love coffee since I am addicted to chocolate, but for some reason coffee just doesn’t do anything for me. I even remember going to a nutritionist (among one of many attempts to kick my chocolate addiction) that suggested I try to substitute coffee for chocolate, but that did not happen.

After a recent trip to Norway, where literally EVERYONE drinks coffee, I started to like the coziness of it. Then after I came back. I wanted to reminisce and I would drink it every now and then. Nevertheless, I started noticing that it gave me a jittery anxious feeling. At first I just brushed it off to stress, looking back now it was definitely due to the coffee. I was starting to feel more anxious about things. I tried using it as a pre-workout to get an extra boost of energy, but then I would get anxious about the workout class for no reason! I love my workout class! I also noticed I wasn’t sleeping as well.

I am very fortunate that unless I am really stressed about something, or my boyfriend is snoring like no other (open to suggestions to help with that situation!) I don’t really have trouble sleeping. So I said goodbye and stopped trying to drink coffee to fit in with the crowd.

I personally also don’t like the feeling of being addicted to something (as I am with chocolate). I am working on my chocolate addiction because I literally can’t go a day without chocolate, and not just a small piece… like a whole bag of something. I just don’t like the feeling of not being able to not have it! So if you feel that way with coffee, it’s up to you! I would always suggest going off and seeing how you feel. If you feel amazing without it, then there ya go, but if you feel the same and still want to drink it, then have at it and don’t worry or feel guilty.

Mug is from Target and is on sale now 🙂

As you can see below I might go a little overboard in the tea department. However, tea is also a great way to fill you up and keep your taste buds satisfied. I do try and limit my caffeine as it is dehydrating, and these days, especially in winter I struggle to drink enough water so I don’t want to dehydrate myself!

Something to keep in mind is sometimes they’ll say “caffeine free” but sometimes they do still have a little caffeine.


Some of my favorite right now are:

Dandelion is great for you skin by helping to detoxify the liver and kidneys. To learn more about Dandelion and acne click here.

Pau d’Arco fights candida, detoxifies the body, reduces inflammation, provides antifungal and antiviral properties. To learn more about the health benefits click here .

Echinacea is another favorite of mine especially during flu season. To learn more about Echinacea click here. Again this is one of those that there are studies that say it helps with the cold and flu and other that says it doesn’t. Either way I like the taste of it and it can’t hurt.

Feel free to click on any of the images and it will direct you to amazon or just do it on your own 🙂

If anyone has any tea suggestions that you love, feel free to share as you can see I love my tea!

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