Want That Glow And Dewey Skin Like The Wicked Witch Of The West, Without The Green?!

So you might have taken a guess by the title that I went and saw Wicked this weekend and I couldn’t resist! First of all, Wicked is A M A Z I N G!!!!! Top 10 best moments of my life! I went with a group of girlfriends that I’ve known since high school and we knew one of the leads, so it made it extra special. I still have the songs playing in my head!


Anywho… So as you see above Elphaba (AKA Wicked Witch of the West) is green.

Here is my theory… She drank too much chlorophyll and that is what caused her to turn green. Problem solved!

Back in middle and high school my mom used to give my brother and I chlorophyll when we were sick, who knew 15 years later I would be drinking the stuff by choice!

Out of all the supplements I have tried, this is definitely one of my top favorite. I just always feel so much more energized and productive when I do!

Chlorophyll helps detoxify! Just picture something (broom, chimney sweeper, road sweeper?… these are not great analogies) going in your system and clearing everything out!

I usually enjoy my warm water with lemon in the morning, but while I drink it from a straw, lemons can still be pretty acidic. Therefore, I like to give my teeth a break once in a while and change things up.

So first thing in the morning I fill up my mason jar with water and 1 Tbs of chlorophyll. No matter what, I always like drinking a whole bottle of water in the morning before I eat. I just feel it helps hydrate me after a long night sleep (but never long enough!). chlorophyll is very alkalizing and it helps carry oxygen around the body to help plump up that skin! So therefore I think it’s the perfect thing to drink in the morning (until I indulge in chocolate).

Now some people do not like the taste and might describe it as one would think dust would taste like. It doesn’t really bother me, at least not to the point where I feel the need to mix it with something. But I  know people that add it to their smoothie, tea or their lemon with water. Whatever works for you to get that glow! Chlorophyll has been said to give you a glow because it helps detoxify all that garbage out of your system including metals.

My boyfriend competes in body building shows so I started getting him to take it after he finishes his cuts where he is eating fish everyday and sometimes a couple times a day. It makes me cringe thinking about it…

Try drinking it when you’re hungover, or maybe after you go balls to the wall in a deep dish of pizza and fries.

Make your skin glow! But not like Elphaba.


Feel free to click on the picture below to grab one of these items 🙂

If you are worried about the taste, go for the mint flavor below!

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