What I Eat In A Day!

What I eat changes constantly! I have never been one of those people that can eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I need to switch things up! I definitely go through phases of obsessions with certain foods until I get sick of them. For example, I went through a Quest bar phase where I was eating sometimes 2 a day (yeah I know, gross). Now I can’t stand the texture or taste of Quest (Jeez… I wonder why).

So what I am eating right now? As of right now…


I wake up and have a large bottle of water with Chlorophyll . If I have time I’ll make some tea and then right before I leave for work, I’ll make a green smoothie to drink on my way to work. (I have a 30-45 minute commute).


Green Smoothie Ingredients right now (again this changes) is 1 cup of water, 1/2 bunch of romaine lettuce, 2 celery stalks, juice of half a lemon, 1/2 pear, large handful of spinach or they have a “smoothie blend” at the grocery store and then 1/4 piece of avocado.

Attachment-1      Green smoothie on the go


On Monday’s and Tuesday’s I am evaluating kids all day. If I have time between evaluations I usually grab a protein bar, because I might not have more than 5 minutes to eat it. What happens more often is, I eat the protein bar right after my smoothie and then I am starving until lunch time. In an ideal world I would wait 2 hours after breakfast. I am not one of those people that can bring snacks to eat throughout the day, because I usually have them all finished by 8:30 AM.



These past couple weeks it’s been my veggie chili!

Meal prep chili


After work or after lunch is usually my down fall sugar craving wise. I have been recently trying to cut out sugar, so I have been eating a bar of LILY’S chocolate (sweetened with stevia, no sugar). Almond is my favorite right now. Update: I just tried the salted almond… definitely my new favorite. They have a bunch at Whole Foods. Ideally, of course I do not want to eat the whole bar! But right now it’s helping me decrease my chocolate addiction to Hershey and M&M’s etc… so small steps and then next I’ll work on maybe eating only 1/2 the bar!

Lily's Chocolate

I also eat Oatmeal sometimes as a pre-workout or snack right when I get home from work. Either I’ll make it on it’s own or you can buy those packets or cups that you just need to add hot water. Sometimes I’ve even gone to Starbucks or Wawa and just asked for some hot water.


Keurig and Oatmeal
When you find out the small setting on the Keurig is the perfect amount of water!


Usually it’s a pasta with lots of veggies!!! The past couple weeks I bought some boxes of Explore Cuisine and the four that I had are really good! Each box last 2-3 days depending on your portion size! So I will definitely be doing that for a little while. They also take less than 10 minutes to boil!

After dinner is my down fall with wanting something “bad.” So my strategy lately has been to pretty much load up my plate and stuff myself so that I am full until bed time! This has been pretty successful and I mean I STUFF myself. Until I can’t fit any more food! I don’t know if this is the greatest strategy, but I’d rather load up on this than chocolate or chips or whatever else I can find around the house.

Green version is higher in protein!


Before Bedtime:

Calm  is something I have been drinking since I was 13. It was probably the first “natural” supplement I started taking. I had trouble falling asleep so my mom introduced me to Calm. I have used it ever since. I also found that when I don’t drink it routinely my wonderful monthly cramps are worse. I just get the unflavored one. They have so many different varieties and I know at the health food stores they usually give out sample packets.

Fun fact if you struggle with cramps: Pineapple is also high in magnesium. 1-2 weeks before your scheduled for that lovely visit, load up on pineapple and see if that helps!


*Weekends I just kind of relax and eat whatever I’m in the mood for.

What I eat summarized:

Breakfast: Chlorophyll with water, tea and green smoothies

Snack:  Protein Bar (but usually eaten with breakfast)

Lunch: Veggie chili and Lily’s bar

Snack Oatmeal and let’s be honest.. I’ve also been on a cheese curl kick so had some handful of the “healthy” kind at the beginning of the week.

Dinner: Pasta with veggies!

Before bedtime: Warm water with Calm.

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