Why you NEED to Listen To This!

First off, this post is for the ladies 🙂  Sorry Men! Unless you want to skim through and possibly find some helpful information for your girlfriend, sister or wife :).

Alright, I could go on fooooorever about this topic, but I am going to try not to! Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

For a few months now I have been listening to the Fertility Friday Podcast. No, I am not trying to get pregnant!!! Quite the opposite! The podcast is about the Fertility Awareness Method. She also has a wide range of different guests to talk about topics that range from gut health, to different birth controls and their side effects. There is something for everyone! Seriously though.

I think out of all the podcasts I have listened to (there’s A LOT!) This one has been one of the most eye opening and most informative. In a “my mind was blown” kind of way. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention in high school (this is very likely), but I don’t remember learning about this! I WISH I would have had this information when I was in high school, or even college!!!

To take a step back….like many teenagers I was put on the pill because I had horrible… I mean  HORRIBLE cramps. We’re talking laying on the floor between the toilet and the bathtub kind of thing (sorry TMI!). I remember thinking to myself, because I was in so much pain, “If I die right now, I would be okay with it.” So then came the pill. I still got cramps, but I was able to still go on with my life. I went off of the pill for a little in college, because I never really liked it. I just didn’t like the thought of taking a pill everyday that’s changing your bodies natural hormones. About a year and a half ago I started getting horrible cramps again. I was missing work and went into talk to my gynecologist. I was recommended to go on birth control. So, I tried Nexplanon (rod that goes in your arm). Let’s just say I had my period more than I didn’t have it. I gave it a full 8 months try before saying, “take it out!” After that I wanted to figure this out for myself, clearly my body was trying to tell me something. Having horrible cramps is NOT NORMAL!

Then the universe aligned and the Fertility Friday Podcast entered into my life, and my life has changed ever since! Not to be dramatic, but it’s true! It’s funny how some things show up in your life at the perfect moment. I was so frustrated because I didn’t want to be on been the pill, but the only option seemed to be the pill if you didn’t want to get pregnant, or have PMS.

I know when you see the word “Fertility” you think, “but I’m not trying to get pregnant.” This podcast is not only about getting pregnant. It’s learning about your cycle and your body, and using that knowledge to get pregnant or auto use as birth control. You also learn SOOO much more! For example, by taking data and looking at your chart you can find out if there is something going on with your estrogen levels, progesterone, if you’re not ovulating, PCOS, endometriosis, if you’re thyroid is off, and the list goes on. There’s a lot you can find out through charting your cycle.

I could go on but that is what that podcast is for, so just listen to it! If you are happy with the pill then stick with it, you can still learn a lot from the podcast. This is an option for the ladies who would like to come off the pill and don’t know where to turn to.

My favorite episodes on the podcast are the “on client sessions.” You listen to them and go “Oh I’m not crazy, that is normal” or “Oh that sounds like me!” and “Oh there’s a reason for the discharge or mucus (sorry they all sound gross) down there.”

Overall it just makes you feel in control over your body. To be able to look at your chart and read your own body signals! I was never really into science, but I definitely feel I geeked out when it came to this!

For example, every now and then when I was at the gym I would suddenly get cramps, and become nauseas for about 15 minutes. Then, it would all go away. I thought I was getting my period but nothing would happen. I was able to find out through charting that  that is when I ovulate…yay…lucky me… more cramps.

ANYWHO- I am currently taking her 10 week fertility course too (told you I geeked out on this 🙂 ).

I would definitely say, don’t jump in and do that right away. If you are interested, I would listen to the podcasts first. I also read, and would recommend Taking Charge of Your Fertility  . It should be called Taking Charge of Your Body!

I hope this is helpful for someone out there that wants to get off the pill but doesn’t feel like they have a lot of options! Even though it’s scary at first 🙂 there are thousands and thousands of women using this method successfully as birth control or to get pregnant.

             Check out this book!

Probably on the TMI side but I find it really cool! Here is a partial picture of one of my charts. You can see when I ovulated because a little more than half way through, all my temperatures remain up higher than the rest. There’s a lot more to it than just taking your temperature, but just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Then my temperature will drop back down when I get my period. My period isn’t the same every month, so charting is helpful because as I get closer, I can see if I will be getting it that day or not by looking for a drop in temperature.

Fertility Awareness cycle
Sorry for the blurry picture!


The picture above is the chart that I am using in the course. Many women use apps on their phone. I have used the Flo app  or the Kindara app. The Flo app is pretty basic and the Kinder app you can customize a lot.


Taking charge of your fertility book also provides tons of examples of charts for people who might have endometriosis or don’t produce enough progesterone etc..

I hope this is helpful!

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