Goodbye Candida!

So one of the main reasons I started this blog was to share my addiction to sugar, and what I am doing to finally get rid of it! Alright…I believe the first step goes like this… Hi, my name is Liz and I am addicted to sugar, more specifically chocolate.

So just to give you an idea…back in the day my friend and I would literally buy a roll of nestle cookie dough and eat it… and no we did not share one roll. We each had a roll (what is that like 3,000 calories?!) Luckily we were young, and eating that roll did not turn into rolls for us. Now, if I were to even look at cookie dough at the grocery store, I would gain a roll.

Fast forward to college.  I would buy large bags of mint M&M’s (Not the king size… the big bag. Not the medium size either that you get at the movie theater, the extra large bag) and I would eat the whole thing. This was not like a once a week occasion either. Once I was out of college I revamped my diet, and became more health conscious.  However! It did not get rid of those chocolate cravings!

Since freshman year of college (probably high school, but I remember distinctively trying to start going a day without chocolate in college and realizing I could not), I have gone 14 consecutive days in 2011 without chocolate, then in 2017 I went 16 days without chocolate. My boyfriend even offered to buy me two pairs of Lululemon pants if I could do a month without it, and I was not able to (#epicfail!). If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what does, because I LOVE Lululemon pants! So EVERY OTHER day beside those 2 attempts, I have had chocolate (and we’re not talking just one bar).

Here’s a tip for my people who can control their sugar cravings – I recommend heating up a bag of M&M’s in the microwave for a few seconds, depending on size. It’s sooooooo good because they just melt in your mouth. YUMMM. Ugh now I want chocolate!

Okay, back to why I’m kicking my sugar addiction! A few months ago my forehead started breaking out. I have always had pretty good skin, at least never anything like this.  As you can see it was inflamed and painful too! Let alone embarrassing. It would look like it was clearing up, and then BAM, two days later I would get a breakout. For a couple months I was trying everything, including taking things out of my diet, switching shampoos, detergent, all that jazz. After SEVERAL appointments with my doctor, chiropractor, acupuncture, internet searches, and a VERY frustrating one with an allergist, I finally got to the bottom of all my symptoms. My chiropractor did some testing and it was candida. (Click on link if you want to know what it is) Basically, it’s too much yeast in your body. My chocolate addiction had finally caught up to me. There are many symptoms and they present themselves differently in different people.

This is what it looked like for me…

Yeah no fun…

Then I spent the next two hours at Barnes and Nobles reading everything I could on candida! It was like a light bulb went off. Things that I was experiencing that I had not even thought of being related were symptoms.  I made an appointment with my doctor too, and she gave me a protocol ontop of recommendations from my chiropractor and acupuncturist. Since implementing everything my skin is 90% better now! I’m still not 100%, but that’s because I’m definitely not perfect and slip up.  I believe small steps is better for the long run because this is a lifestyle change, not something temporary.

It’s crazy how much better I feel already! It’s the little things too. For example, not remembering where you parked your car after your workout is not normal! That was something I noticed and didn’t even realize was not normal. Now I walk out after my workout and I remembered where my car is (most of the time). Compared to before I was constantly looking around being like “I think it’s in this direction.” Also in my workout class I was constantly looking back at the screen to see the next exercise in the circuit… suddenly I didn’t need to do that anymore! At work I don’t feel like I’m trying to fish for words constantly, and truly feel so much more productive and clear. I could go on but I won’t! I wish I would have done this years ago.

I’ll be posting about what I am doing and things that are working for me. I know there is SOOOO much confusing information out there. One program will say no rice, and then the next will say you can eat rice. That’s why you have to find what works for you. Take small steps and monitor how you feel. If you’re feeling better than keep going! If not, then you know you need to change something.

Just a sidenote- I know there are medications out there that doctors recommend to treat candida. From my personal experience, my doctor recommended changing my diet and doing some other tweaks first. She explained that the medication they often put you on is very harmful to your liver. She said if I wanted to do that she would want to monitor my liver. So I was VERY happy that she was on board in trying to treat it more naturally first before resorting to medication! Just something to think about. I was even thinking, “Give me the medication this is going to be so hard!” Now looking back, I’m glad she didn’t, because that would have just been a quick fix. It probably would have come back at some point and my chocolate habits were way overdue to be changed anyway!

I know how extremely frustrating it was for me not knowing what was going on. So I hope someone finds this and helps them move in the right direction.

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