Reduce/Eliminate Sugar Cravings With L-Glutamine!

L-Glutamine = hallelujahmine!

If I could recommend only one supplement that has helped me the most with sugar cravings (out of the ones I’ve tried so far, always looking for more suggestions!), it would be glutamine.

Glutamine has been found to help reduce or eliminate cravings. For me it was more so on the reduce side! But let’s be honest, I would probably have to add the whole container if I wanted to eliminate my cravings!

When I was home one weekend from college, I remember going to one of my annual doctor appointments and asking the doctor (more like pleading with her) for help with my sugar cravings. Of course, she suggested the usual increase fats and protein, but for me that had not done the trick. Increasing your fats and protein is definitely worth trying though as it’s helped a lot of other people! One thing she did recommend is to take glutamine. So of course, I went home and did my research. I just remember finding information about how glutamine helps with your muscles and thinking how is this going to help with my cravings!?

Muscles = cravings?! Hard time finding a connection?!

Fast forward 5 or so years and I started getting more serious in the gym and found my love for lifting. I started taking glutamine to help with muscle soreness. I started to realize that when I took glutamine my cravings were not as intense. This is how I describe glutamine works for me – it takes away the, “I NEED SUGAR NOW” feeling. While it helps decrease the urgency of wanting sugar, it does not help with the habit of eating sugar. For example, I was in the habit of grabbing some delicious cake pops from Starbucks every time I went to buy my green tea. I didn’t necessarily need it, but it was habit, so I still got them. No lie, I pass 5 Starbucks driving to work. I personally just stopped going to Starbucks and made my own green tea (saved money too!). Now, because I’m not in that habit anymore, if I do want something I can go in and not have to buy one of those delicious cake pops. For my job I can be on the road a lot some days and stopping after lunch to grab a chocolate bar was another habit. Then there is of course every time I went into Wawa, grabbing something sweet and then out grocery shopping and you get the idea! Find a way to break the habit!

Anywho… in the morning I put 1 full TSP of glutamine into my water. I’ve done more than 1 tsp depending on the day or one in each bottle but figure out what works for you. It doesn’t really taste like anything but if you’re sensitive to tastes maybe get the pills or add some lemon in there. I like the powder because then I can sip on it throughout the day.

Four other benefits of taking glutamine:

  1. If you workout… it DEFINITELY helps with reducing muscle soreness. I ALWAYS feel a difference when I don’t take it.
  2. Has helped my stomach not be so “rumbly.” There is a lot of information out there that says glutamine helps heal the gut. When I asked my chiropractor what he thought about this he said, “Your stomach acid pretty much kills it before it reaches it.” However, I still feel a difference when I do take it. One of my friends noticed the same, so this is where that whole “listen to your body” comes into play. If you don’t feel a difference, then don’t take it. Give it a few weeks. When I try something, I will use it until it’s empty.
  3. It’s one of the cheaper supplements so you might as well give it a try!
  4. There are also a lot of other benefits to glutamine. One example is that it helps keep your skin plump :).

What supplement to buy?

Here is the kind I buy. Click below to buy or do your own research!

I went through amazon and read through a lot of products and a lot of ingredients!

I prefer the powder because it’s literally just one ingredient listed. A lot of the time, pills have other ingredients in them, so when I don’t mind taking the powder form…powder it is! It also makes it a lot easier to add to your smoothie in the morning!

Additional information

Here are some websites if you’re interest in finding out more, where you can get a better idea of the additional health benefits of glutamine that is not just related to helping with cravings!

For the bodybuilder- click here.

According to Dr. Axe- click here.



One thought on “Reduce/Eliminate Sugar Cravings With L-Glutamine!

  1. Soooo interesting! Thanks for sharing the specific brand you use. I enjoy knowing the Liz-approved products.


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