First Step to Getting Rid of Sugar Cravings!

This is what I have found helpful for me!

My key to getting rid of sugar cravings is Replace, Reduce and Remove!

So I’ve gone through the replace stage and now I am at the reduce stage. I need to take a good look at my diet to make sure I am getting the proper nutrition. When your body is not getting what it needs it starts craving sweets. For example, if you load up on spaghetti without fat or protein, you’re pretty much asking for a run to the ice cream store! Mmm chocolate chip and cookie dough ice cream! While I think of myself as a pretty healthy eater, there is always room for improvement! Especially when it comes to taking sugar out of my diet! That’s a priority.  This past week I posted about writing down what you eat.

This has been very helpful. Although, I would consider this the second step. Stay tuned for the first!

I am not eating a whole bar of Lily’s anymore! But yes I was doing it for a few weeks!

Benefits to writing down what you eat

1. It helps give you a nice overview of what you are eating. Sometimes I tend to think I am eating healthier than I really am. Looking at the journal I can see where I want to make changes. For example, I need to up my vegetable intake at lunch or I need more protein at dinner etc…

2. Writing down what you eat also helps identify food allergies, and if you’re having reactions to different foods or products! It just helps you become more aware and you start to make connections.

3. It also helps you plan your meals for the week. If I don’t plan out my meals for the week, I am all over the place and it’s not the healthiest of food! (There’s a Starbucks within 10 min of wherever I am!). Plus I just find it more convenient, as I don’t even need to think about it. One less thing to think about during the work week!

4. Something else I find helpful is writing down what time I am eating. I was able to see a pattern that I was literally getting hungry every 2 hours. Which is why I decided to revamp my eating habits. Due to work, sometimes I am not able to eat from 8:00 to 12:30. Basically by 10:30 I am hungry, 11:30 I’m moody and 12:30 you don’t want to be around me! So I want to beef up my morning smoothie so that I can make it until 12:30 without getting hangry!

My Meals

When I think about making a meal, I need protein, veggies and fat! I want these meals to last me for a longer period of time, longer than 2 hours!

My eating style is getting a makeover! I mean I could use a makeover all over, but we will start with the inside 🙂  I need to set myself up for success! I’m so over fighting with my cravings! My goal is to be able to eat and not think about where I can get the next cookie, chocolate bar or be running to the grocery store at 8pm or 7am to get something sweet! This is at least my goal for 2018! Dreams can come true right?! 🙂

NEW Smoothie Formula

I love my green smoothie, but I need to add more protein to it. My new smoothie formula goes like this:

(Inspired by Kelly LeVeque- Body Love)

2 cups of liquid (Almond milk, water, cashew, etc…)

Protein 20-30 grams

Handful of greens (usually spinach or a combination of spinach and kale)

Fat- 1/4-1/2 Avocado (I am doing 1/2. 1/4 wasn’t filling me up)

Fiber- Chia Seeds or Flax meal

Additions- Glutamine or whatever else you want to throw in!

This is a basic smoothie, just experiment there are soooo many different versions out there! Just think Protein, fat and greens! Body Love has a lot of good recipes as well!

Processed With Darkroom

Protein Powder I use

Right now I am back on the Garden Of Life bandwagon.

The Sport has 15 grams of protein per serving. Protein is from pea protein, sprouted navy beans, sprouted lentil beans, sprouted garbanzo beans and cranberry protein.

It also has a muscle recovery blend in it, enzyme blend and amino acids for my workout ladies!

Lots of good stuff!

Does anyone else have a favorite protein powder?!

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