Increase Protein – Decrease Sweet Cravings

It’s been said and I’ve read again and again increasing fats and protein will help decrease sweet cravings! Also a smoothie can seem like a treat sometimes so why not combine the two!

If you can get your protein from natural resources that is of course ideal! However, I love my protein smoothies in the morning!

What protein powder to use?

Deciding what protein to buy can be very overwhelming! There are soooo many out there these days! Such a variety of ingredients and prices! Then there is also plant based vs. whey etc….

Like with some other products, I have a tendency to stray  away from a specific brand,  but then I always come back to it! That brand for me is Garden of Life Plant-Based Protein. I just always come back! Just like I always come back to chocolate in some form! So that is what I am using now. I did try out these packets a couple weeks ago. Everynow and then I like to change things up and try something different. I know at Whole Foods and Kimberton (local health food store) they have small packets of different protein brands you can try. I would recommend grabbing a bunch and trying them out before committing to one! I tried these packets below because I saw the flavors and was like whoa! I mean chocolate cinnamon…. Dark chocolate…


Like I mentioned above I always like trying different things and over the years I have tried all of these brands show below! Not to mention different flavors of each brand etc… I definitely like to switch things up! There’s probably one or two I am missing…


SO some tips to buying a protein powder that works for you:

1. Figure out if you want whey or plant based.

Personally, I do a lot better on plant based protein compared to whey. I tend to bloat real fast on whey! #4monthwheybaby. However, for some people they have no problems. So maybe try a plant based one and a whey each for a week and take notice to how you feel after you have it. Some grocery stores sell small packets to try like I mentioned above, also GNC will let you try a product and return it, even if opened (I believe it is within 30 days but double check). I’ve done that plenty of times.

2. Look at the ingredients.

Can you read the ingredients on the list? Are there 5 ingredients listed or fifty? Do you understand what the ingredients are? I have probably stood in place for a good hour googling different ingredients if I was not sure what they meant. My philosophy when it comes to food and pretty much everything, less is more! (except for chocolate, and cookies and cupcakes). I would also recommend making sure they are organic, grass-fed (if choosing animal protein) or Non GMO. I also know when it comes to Garden of Life they do seem to try and trick you! For example the “Fit” one is more expensive but then has less servings and the “Meal” and the “Sport” only have a 2g difference when it comes to protein so choose what ingredients you would prefer.

3. Price.

For me personally, I am not choosing anything that is crazy expensive #teachersalary. If you have the means, go for it! But I want the best bang for my buck!

4. What vitamins are you looking for?

For example, I like glutamine in my protein powder because I feel it helps with my sugar cravings. Glutamine doesn’t take it ALL away, but instead of eating the whole hershey bag maybe I’ll just eat half :).

5. Type it into Amazon and read the reviews! Do your research!

See what people are saying about it!

Protein powders are a great way to get a little extra boost, but don’t rely on them for your nutrients. Nothing is better than eating whole foods!

Protein Smoothie
Protein Smoothie

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