Programming to Build Muscle, Increase Your Lean Body Mass and Increase Metabolic Efficiency (metabolism)!

A little background history! I grew up playing sports and I can definitely be competitive! Put me next to a treadmill at Orange Theory and I will try my best to be one MPH ahead of the person next to me! While I grew up playing sports, that took a pause in college when I went from being competitive in sports to competitive in drinking games! However, I was never any good at those!

I started with Kayla Itsines workouts in 2012 while I was in a relationship I wasn’t happy in and struggling to get out of (because of my own self confidence). When I finally ended it, it was probably one of the most pivotal, confidence boosting things I could have very done for myself, but that is a different story for a different day! The BBG program was my first workout program that took me away from a cardio based training to incorporating more strength and I fell in love! I saw changes in my body composition and more importantly I enjoyed the workout (for the most part!) However, I love change and changing things up. Changing your training is also critical in continuing to grow and reach your goals as your body is constantly trying to adapt! Once it adapts thats when you hit a plateau. You want to create change through REPS, SETS and INTENSITY!

Since then I have tried a number of different programs and apps!!! Through the years I have figured out what I like and what I don’t like.

Something that is very important to me is form. I am always trying to perfect my form and it is definitely always a work in progress! I highly recommend video taping yourself to watch back because you definitely see where you need to tweak!

Supersets: I incorporate supersets. Supersets are a set of two exercises that are performed back to back without any rest time between them. Supersets can be done using similar joint dynamics or opposite joint dynamics. The goal of a superset is that you want to work prime movers predominantly in the first exercise to elicit prime mover strength. Then follow up immediately with an exercise that challenges stabilization muscles.

The base of my workouts are focused on strength!

Single Sets: As I mentioned before, working on proper form and building muscle is very important! I always like to incorporate a single set which usually ends up being a compound exercise. A compound exercise is an exercise that works multiple muscle groups such as a bench press, deadlift or squat. Single sets are also the time to work to go heavier! I like incorporating pyramids. Pyramids are when you decrease repetitions but increase weights!
Circuits: I do like a good sweat session as well and the feeling of pushing yourself! I like to finish my workouts with a circuit. I like my supersets and single sets at the beginning of a workout because those are the exercises that are going to help you build muscle and it’s important to have the energy to focus on form and the muscle mind connection to make those babies grow! However, Circuits are a great way as well to help reduce body fat as they are short periods with a high number of repetitions. Plus they can be… dare I say fun?! πŸ™‚ Plus you feel good about yourself when you struggle getting to 10 squat jumps and then in a couple weeks you’re doing 20! I like incorporating power exercises into the circuits. Power exercise is performed with a light load (usually body weight) as fast as possible to enhance prime mover strength while also improving rate of force production.

I like to incorporate exercises in a proprioceptively enriched environments. That is exercises performed in controlled, but stable environments. When doing so the body is forced to recruit more muscle to stabilize itself, therefore potentially burning more calories. According to NASM, research has shows that exercises performed in unstable environments produce superior results for global stabilization and training the core stabilization muscles.

I also like to incorporate multiple joint exercises When you perform exercises in a proprioceptively enriched environment, which means in a controlled but unstable your body recruits more muscles to stabilize itself which then more calories are potentially expended.

My workouts also don’t go past 60 minutes. Programs that exceed 60-90 minutes can start to have a negative effect on the training program and raise the risk of minor infections. Plus, who has time for that?! We have other things to do!

I hope this helps provide some background in what goes into my workouts and the reasoning behind the exercises. I want these workouts to challenge you but be attainable and help you reach your goals!

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