5 Things I used to HATE and now LOVE

If I’ve learned anything at this point in my life is to NEVER SAY NEVER! The things that we tend to be the most reluctant about or have the most opinion about, is usually because we are scared or insecure about it in some way. If you dig deep you can usually find a reason why it is bothering you so much that has to do with your own experience, background, etc… It usually doesn’t have to do with the other individual.

  1. Fasting: Previously when I first heard about fasting I thought, “That will slow down your metabolism!” “That can’t be healthy” “You need to eat to keep your metabolism going.” Well, I probably had such strong opinions about it, because at the point I didn’t think it was something I could ever do. The thought about not eating for 12, 16 or 24 hours!?!! Then the more research and reading I did, I started learning about all the health benefits and became more and more curious until one day I decided to do it! I started doing 12 hours which was pretty easy. Then I did a couple 16 hours and then I did 24 hours! I did it!!! Just doing something I thought I would never be able to do, gave me such a confidence boost. It opened up my eyes and made me realize how attached to food I was and oh my goodness, I didn’t die! I did the thing that I thought was impossible! We tend to come up with reasons of why we can’t when it’s something we don’t think is achievable. There’s a lot of opinions on fasting out there. I think you need to find something that works for YOU! I don’t do long fasts or anything like that, I just try to eat when I’m hungry these days and just be more aware of if I’m actually hungry or am I just board or feeling anxious about something. What I want you to get out of this is, you might have strong opinions about something because you’re really just scared and think it’s something that you could never do. So if anything, just try it and you’ll probably learn something!

2. Coffee: My parents LOVE Coffee. Growing up, they always told me just to wait until I get to college and I’ll start drinking it. I never liked the smell of it. I tasted it here and there, but didn’t really like it. Which is weird because I LOVE chocolate and people say that if you like chocolate you tend to also like coffee. Then I met my boyfriend at the age of 32 and he managed to sway me into drinking it and then I fell in love… with the coffee. Love for him came later ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I made the bulletproof coffee for a while and then I did iced coffee with a scoop of protein in it, which is my favorite! Iced or not. I love coffee now, however, my body doesn’t do great with it and I find myself getting a lot of anxiety when I start drinking it more regularly, so now I drink it on special occasions or the weekend.

3. Sports bras: Confession, yes, I used to judge girls who only wore sports bras in the gym. Thinking, that it is so unnecessary, it must be uncomfortable and they’re just trying to show off. But again, we usually judge someone else because of our own insecurities. Quarantine hit and I started working out in my basement and quickly realized there was no point in wearing a sports bra and a shirt, might as well save on laundry! So I was just wearing my sports bras during my workout and it felt so good! Then the thought of wearing a sports bra AND a shirt now feels so constrictive! Not sure if I’m 100% comfortable yet wearing just a sports bra to a public gym, but now when I see other girls doing it, I’m more so jealous that they have the confidence and don’t care what people think attitude vs judging them! I just want everyone to rock what they want to rock! Wear what YOU want to wear! If you love something, wear it! Matching sets is an add on. Used to hate matching sets and now I’m trying to get some!

4. Olives – I thought olives were disgusting! Now… LOVE Olives! Give me all the olives, especially the ones with garlic in them! Not much to say about them other than this was something I used to hate and now I love!

5. Podcasts. Growing up my dad always used to listen to books on tape when we were in the car. He would get a cassette from the local library on history or something! I would try to play music and he would say, “but it’s all noise, you’re not actually learning anything,” and in my head I would think to myself how boring it was to listen to people to talk and I would never be like that when I grow up! Well, 99% of the time now when I am in the car, I am listening to people talk… except it’s not a cassette it’s a podcast :). I will probably have this conversation with my future kids as well! Again, never say never!

What are some things you used to hate and now love?!

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One thought on “5 Things I used to HATE and now LOVE

  1. Love finding the time to read your blog! Question about the fasting one. When you fasted for 24 hours, did this exclude fluids also? I am personally happy you are back on the coffee bandwagon. I also love olives. and podcasts. and sports bras. I am basically the less fit, less motivated version of you lol. Laughed reading about cassette tape. Thanks for coming back! I for one, have missed you!


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