Getting to Happiness

A little corny blurb for this morning!

I couple years ago I was listening to a podcast (of course πŸ™‚ ) and he talked about how it’s about the journey and not the destination that makes us happy. For example, we are working really really hard and we have this dream car in mind, that once I buy that dream car I’ll be set, I’ll be happy! Then, when (not if!) we get to that point of buying our dream car… it’s fun for…what… a couple days, weeks? Then it just becomes another car. But it’s what we did and accomplished along the way that got us to buying that car that will stick with us. The excitement, the hard work, etc…

Happiness can be a destination for a lot of us, we think “ONCE I DO X, THEN I’LL BE HAPPY.”

What I’ve found, and I feel a lot of us are learning is that happiness is not about X. It’s not about the destination or the goal. It’s not about your job, losing weight, getting that promotion, moving to a new house, buying that dream car, being in a relationship, getting married, having a child, etc… Those are all great things though! Happiness is never about following what other people are doing or trying to achieve, or something someone else has that you think will make you happy too.

Happiness is the JOURNEY that you go through to get you there.

Happiness is about the hope, journey, discovery, listening to yourself, trusting your intuition and following where you choose to go. It’s about being kind and gentle to yourself, embracing yourself and just being you!

Happiness is about learning about you, not anything to do with others. It’s about you!

These day’s I really try to focus on just enjoying the process of learning all about this new fitness journey that I am on. I love it! I’m seeing where my weaknesses are and taking steps to try and grow in those areas. There is always room to grow. I enjoy learning, and if there is something I’ve learned about myself over the years, is that when I become stagnant, that is when I start to become unhappy. As long as I have goals I am working towards and a passion, I am happy πŸ™‚

Try to think of some things that you like to do that maybe you can make more of your own and pursue! It doesn’t have to bring in an income! But having something that you enjoy and can continue to work on and learn from can bring you a lot of happiness πŸ™‚ Think about what you were like as a child, what brought you joy? What did you enjoy doing? My parents always said, every park we went to I wanted to go to. I always wanted to do something and be active.

Feel free to reach out if you want to brainstorm a list of ideas! I love to help!

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