3 Reasons Why You Should Be Incorporating Resistance Training

+ 6 Steps for beginners to take to get started.

We have all heard our parents or other people, or experienced it ourselves (hello hangovers from 1 drink these days!) over the years complain and make comments about how it gets harder to lose weight, maintain weight or things aching more as you get older. I feel it’s safe to say, no matter how much we try, we can’t reverse aging and our bodies are getting older, BUT if we can stay as healthy as possible, for as long as we can so we can live a full life, I can get onboard with that!

This is where, I’m sure you’re not surprised by my solution 🙂 and where resistance training comes in. Resistance training (lifting weights) is one of the best tools you can have to fight weight gain and help set you up for success! A lot of us scroll through social media, and it can be overwhelming as it seems everyone who is “fit” works out 7 days a week! WELL, I am here to tell you, you DO NOT need to workout 7 days a week to be or stay fit and decrease your chances of a variety of chronic diseases. If anything, working out 7 days a week can be a stressor, and not a good stressor on your body.

So why do we need to incorporate Resistance Training into our life?


Let me start off with the most popular one and what we all, even though we don’t like to admit it like to hear…resistance training improves your metabolism! How? Because we continue to burn calories after we have left the gym. It’s expensive for our body to have muscle because it uses a lot of calories to maintain! The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn :). Let’s be honest, the thought of binging Netflix and burning calories at the same time is very appealing 🙂 So just think of it this way…. if you want to burn more calories while watching TV, put in a few resistance training sessions a week and you’ll be well on your way! Plus you can eat more! A lot of people are always looking for a pills and supplements to eat less. How about, trying to find something that is healthy to allow you to eat more?! Sounds pretty promising to me! You’re probably thinking, what about cardio? You will burn calories during the run, but once you stop running, then your body stops burning calories. That is why we want to build muscle through resistance training… to continue to burn AFTER we are done working out! You can achieve this throughout working out 2-3 time a week at minimum! This will send a signal to your body to start building muscle and consequently speed up your metabolism!

Resistance training will help you be and feel stronger and feel more confident! It will help you reach your goals and keep up with your kids! Although, I have to admit, I even struggle keeping up with some of my students these days! You will set yourself up to be more productive at work, wake up in the morning without hitting the alarm 10 times and just be in the moment more! It’s also great for your bones and helps reduce injury or set you up to bounce back quicker. Resistance training helps preserve or increase muscle mass, and strength!


Resistance training creates better insulin sensitivity by having better glucose control. When we workout, our body uses up carbs as a fuel source and gets depleted. We become very insulin sensitive post workout which allows for our bodies to better absorb protein and glucose to restore the glycogen in our muscles. There is a lot of information coming out now with the importance of having good glucose control and information on insulin sensitivity however, I am not a doctor or certified in that, so I will leave that up to you to check out!


There are a lot of studies out there that shows the positive affects in resistance training and decreasing anxiety and depression. Exercise gives us a boost in endorphins which can then help us handle everyday stresses in our life when we are stressed, I can definitely speak to this for myself! When we are stressed we overeat and our choices in food are not always what we ideally would like to eat when we are feeling happy and content. Cookies and ice cream anyone?! Those are my go to! Are you a sugar or sweet person?! Of course, there are the people who’s appetite decreases when they are stressed, but that’s not healthy either because when we are stressed, our body uses a lot of nutrients (such as magnesium) and if we are not replenishing these stores, we can quickly make things worse.

The list could keep going but let’s leave it at these top 3!


I know if things are overwhelming we struggle getting started because we don’t even know where to start! Then we start to procrastinate and continue to put it off and earn a gold medal in creating some great excuses to continue to put it off. BREAK IT INTO SMALLER STEPS! What is 1 step you can take right now? Or write it all down on a piece of paper and break it down into smaller steps.

BEGINNERS: 6 Steps to getting started with resistance training.

  1. Frequency: Can you do 2 or 3 days? Can you get up earlier? Can you go right after work? When is the best time? Whatever time you can get the workout in!
    • What did you come up with? 2 or 3 days? Write it down.
  2. Exercise split: Do FULL BODY 2-3 times a week with a minimum of 1 rest day in between.
  3. Do one exercise for each muscle group. Pick 4-5 exercises. For example, squat, shoulder press, lunges, bicep curl, triceps extension. Having a workout program to follow and track your weight can be VERY beneficial in setting you up for success, but by all means you can search YouTube and Instagram for exercises too! Or go through my Instagram account!
  4. Rest: 30 seconds- 3 minutes between sets. You want to feel a bit recovered.
  5. Repetitions: 10-15 repetitions.
  6. Commit to this for 4 weeks and then see where you are at!

***Be consistent and follow a good routine and you’ll start to feel a difference in strength and body composition changes!  

Contact me if you’re interested in getting started with weekly workouts or work 1:1 with me!

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