6 Week At Home Workout Program

Let’s build some muscle, burn some fat and tone at home!

This program is for busy women such as professionals or mom who want to get in an effective workout within an hour! Also for women who are starting out and want to workout in the comfort of their own home! These workouts however, can be done at the gym!

These workouts will keep you motivated and hold you accountable by celebrating your progress and monitoring your streaks with the in-app progress tracker.

No two workouts are the same! They will challenge you, but you can always modify!

Everything you need, including follow along videos of each exercise with details instructions and tips!


  • Compatible with IOS and Android
  • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Dumbbells, resistance bands and a bench (sturdy chair and the floor can be utilized instead).
  • Workouts programmedΒ to change body composition, increases metabolic efficiency, increase lean body mass (muscle), and increase in strength and endurance.
  • In app messaging if you have any questions or comments!
  • Track your weights, reps and progress within the app.
  • $30
  • PDF included with more detailed instructions including HIIT and Cardio guide.Β 
  • Once you make the purchase you will receive an email how to download the app!

Start your journey today and I’ll help you along the way!