Top 5 Favorite Books

The first health related book I ever read was The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. That was 11 years ago. Since then I have been growing my little health book library 🙂 I have read books about Paleo, Carnivore, Vegan, Chinese Medicine, Fertility, and more! Here are my top five favorite books. This is going to be hard to narrow it down so feel free to ask for other recommendations!


This is a great book for people that are feeling overwhelmed and just want to start making some better health choices. I gave this book to my brother…well he listened to it on audiobook on his work trips and him and his coworker who was a innocent standby tagging along to work trips are now  utilizing a lot of that information provided in the book and making different choices!


Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) are on the rise right now. I trialed one from NutriSense for 2 weeks and it was such a learning experience! If you want something that is going to drive change in your habits, this is definitely worth looking into! Talk about providing you a visual of a correlation of what you eat directly affecting your body! Dr. Mark Hyman’s book The Blood Sugar Solution is great to give you some insight into the importance of blood sugar and will give you the who, what, where, why, how, and when’s! Kelly Leveque’s Body Love does the same as seen below! 


This is another great book by Kelly Leveque . She talks about blood sugar as well  (blood sugar is a great indicator on metabolic health, chronic diseases etc…) You want to work towards stabilizing your blood sugar.  It’s something you have control over! Body Love gives you that information so you can start making the changes right away!These books  focus on longevity. They’re not providing you with quick fixes!



I came across this book while listening to a podcast  and it blew my mind! (insert mind blown emoji) and changed my life! I would like to know where all this information was when I was in High School?! I think out of everything I have come across thus far in my health craziness journey this has been the most influential, enlightening, educational, life changing, among many other words! I think every female needs to read this and I am quite upset that I learned all of this at the age of 29! I mean…there is plenty that I do know,  but it wasn’t to this extent! The title might lead you think it’s all about fertility, but it’s about so much more and provides you the information you need to advocate for yourself and the knowledge you need to be able to read your body and know when something is not right. Pair these books with the Fertility Friday podcast and it could be life changing! I also took the Fertility Friday  There are a number of books that have since come out that are great tools for woman as well. They include:


If there are any spirit junkies out there this is the book for you! I listened to this book on audio during my commute to and from work and I have since listened to it an additional three times and I will probably listen to it another three times! When I first started listening to it I felt it was a little bit out there as she is a spirit junkie 🙂 However, I loved the positive mind shift and how it helps you to take a step back and let the universe guide you (it’s a nice thought!). While I am still working on my sign with the universe 😉 I love the idea of it! She also gave up sugar which is #mygoalinlife.  This book always puts me in a positive mindset and gives you a little bit of faith when things are not going the way you want …which is #life #2020. You can check out her website here. She also has a podcast!



Has anyone else read any books they would recommend?! Check out my instagram @ahealthyelf for more book recommendations and to see what I am reading now!