Monthly App Subscription

Over the years I’ve come to realize fitness is what keeps me balanced. However, it is a journey and we are continuously growing and learning! 

Fun Fact: I actually love designing workouts and then putting them to the test! I enjoy coming up with effective workouts that will give you results you want without spending hours at the gym!

My workouts are muscle endurance and hypertrophy based. They are created to change body composition, increases metabolic efficiency, increase lean body mass (muscle), and increase in strength, power, endurance, balance, and speed. I use isolation exercises with a focus of compound movements, as the goal is to build strength and work towards longevity! I use a variety of training styles and variables such as supersets, circuits, as well as single set exercises for maximum benefits among others! These workouts are NOT mundane and they will challenge you! 

My weekly workouts have a base structure, but I also like to challenge the body so we don’t hit that plateau by changing different variables and incorporating different training styles such as peripheral heart action system, pyramid sets, etc…

I used to be the stereotypical cardio junkie (I still love a good spin class every now and then!). Then I slowly managed to break through the intimidation of going over to the weight lifting section of the gym. That is when I saw a real change in my body. I’ve never looked back since and I want to help you gain that confidence too , to see and feel those benefits as well!!! A fitness journey will teach you more than just to work out. For me it taught me discipline, gave me confidence, balance, stress relief, ability to show up to places as the best version of myself etc… What will it teach you?!

Come get fit, feel strong and be healthy with me!

What is included in the app?

  • $20 monthly (Only $.66 cents a day!)
  • Compatible with IOS and Android
  • Weekly ELF workouts (5 new workouts EVERY week) programmed to change body composition, increases metabolic efficiency, increase lean body mass (muscle), and increase in strength, power, endurance, balance, and speed.
  • In app messaging if you have any questions!
  • Track your weights, reps and progress all within the app!

*Self-cancellation. Weekly workouts is a subscription based application that will charge to your selected payment method, each billing cycle monthly until cancelled.

Sign up for weekly workouts and come workout with me! You will have no idea how excited I’ll be!


Are there videos for the workouts?

YES! There is a video for each exercise. Having proper form is very important to me and it is important in preventing injury and imbalances!

How many workouts do I get?

You get 5 workouts every week (uploaded the weekend prior) Workouts include- Lower Body, Upper Body, Wild Card, Back focused and Full Body.

Can workouts be done at home or at the gym?

Workouts can be done at the home or the gym! They can be done at the gym by easily subbing squat with a leg press for example or resistance bands with cables. Regression and alternative exercise are provided throughout!

How long are the workouts?

They are under an hour. We have places to be and people to see!

What equipment do I need?

Dumbbells and Resistance bands are recommended. We use a variety of equipment such as a stepper etc… but all can be modified.

DUMBBELLS: The more variety the better. Ideally, I would recommend starting with  5-20 LBS dumbbells. However you can get a great workout in with a set of 10 LBS dumbbells! Choose LBS according to your fitness level! 

RESISTANCE BANDS- These are great to add variety and create more resistance, especially when it comes to activating glutes! 

MEDICINE BALL (OPTIONAL): 10-15 LBS. This is optional as you can use a dumbbell. 

STEPPER: I love a stepper especially to add some HIIT or PLYO and get your heart rate up! They are more of a midpoint price range. However, you can omit the stepper in the workouts! A chair, bench, or cooler can work as well. 

JUMP ROPE- Great full body workout to use as a warm up or during HIIT if you don’t’ have exercise machines. 

BARBELL, CARDIO MACHINES, BIKE are all OPTIONAL as well of course, but great if you have one to incorporate!

What fitness level do I need to be to participate?

Workouts are very adaptable and customization is encouraged to fit your needs! Start small and build! For example, start with completing 1-2 sets to allow for your body to increase endurance and work your way up.

Please use the hashtag #WEEKLYELFWORKOUTS so I can follow along with your progress!