What Real People are Saying!

The most common feedback I am receiving is that they feel they are being held more accountable and feeling stronger!

“Feeling stronger and love it!!!”

“I’ve lost 15lbs!”

“I’m getting stronger! I have to go up in weights!”

“The thing I like most about the app is that you log how many reps and lbs you did out of what you are suggesting. It gives me the same satisfaction of crossing stuff off a list!”

“I’m more motivated by your app and workouts than I have been with many others. Also, You know when I’m not doing them! Before I could ignore Peloton for like one or two weeks at a time.”

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When I started using Liz’s workouts, I was going to the gym and doing the same things every day. I had no idea what I was doing. My workouts were random and I didn’t push myself past my level of comfort. After starting these workouts, I cannot say enough about their effects. Primarily, my body feels stronger and has more energy. Also, my workouts are more focused, structured, and more effective. I am able to measure my progress on the app, follow a disciplined routine, and stay on top of my fitness goals.

Liz’s workouts are focused and challenging, yet doable. She posts videos to model each exercise and includes modifications when necessary. Liz is motivating, approachable, and a wonderful trainer. Her passion for a balanced, healthy life combined with her knowledge of exercise science shines through each workout. After doing these for three months, I have acquired the ability to do a push-up, increased my workout potential, and maximized my volume and weight lifting capacity. Thank you for helping me be my best self, Liz!

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